DriveX Summit 4.0

The year 2022 marked a significant milestone with the impactful virtual rendition of the Drive Conference, now rebranded as DriveX Summit. Building on the legacy of prior editions and the wealth of experiences from past events, the decision was astutely made to steer the focus towards panel-driven discussions.

During this edition, participants were afforded a unique opportunity: to directly engage with thought leaders who hold sway in the realms of both creativity and technology. This interactive platform enabled attendees to pose a spectrum of questions, share challenges, and present issues that sought solutions relevant to their creative and tech trajectories.

With participants spanning diverse corners of the globe, the event seamlessly transcended geographical boundaries. The rich tapestry of insights woven during the summit collectively positioned participants for the forthcoming year, equipping them with a reservoir of knowledge that promises to be invaluable in their creative and tech pursuits.