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DriveX Summit

DriveX Summit, formerly known as Drive Conference, is a global summit created to drive relevant and impactful conversations, solutions, and innovations on the latest global trends, insights, and new learnings in the Creative and Tech ecosystems.

The summit aims to educate and inspire participants in these ecosystems to strive for phenomenal results.

The DriveX Summit was specifically designed to recognize and showcase the synergy between the Creative and Tech Ecosystems while emphasizing their collective strengths. It aims to highlight the latest advancements, innovations, and breakthroughs in both creative and tech fields.

Moreover, DriveX Summit focuses on addressing critical issues that arise from these advancements and innovations, ensuring that they contribute positively to humanity.

By exploring the intersection of creativity and technology, the summit seeks to find solutions to challenges and drive progress in a way that benefits society as a whole.


Brief History

In 2019, the inaugural edition of DriveX Summit marked its inception, originally known as Drive Conference. The brainchild of Founder Demola Adeogun, this visionary move was catalyzed by the observation of a diminishing boundary between the creative and tech ecosystem. Recognizing the impending surge in technological advancements that would interlace these domains, the idea of a global summit emerged—a space where these two ecosystems could converge to address the demands of this imminent transformation.

The essence of DriveX Summit lies in fostering the progression from ideas to conversations, and subsequently to collaborations—a triumvirate indispensable for growth and innovation. Through thought-provoking discussions, synergistic endeavors, and enlightening presentations, DriveX Summit is dedicated to carving out a safe enviroment where professionals, experts, and enthusiasts amalgamate forces. Their collective objective: to mold the trajectory of the creative and tech landscapes, thereby imprinting a resounding influence not only on these industries but also on the world at large.

Each summit’s annual theme has been meticulously selected and customized to directly engage with the prevailing worldwide tendencies within the creative and tech sphere. This deliberate choice of themes serves a dual purpose: to enlighten and motivate participants, propelling their advancement within their individual careers.

Here’s a glimpse of our thematic journey through the years:

Each theme and conversations encapsulates the ethos of the times, embodying a commitment to foster learning, inspiration, and growth in sync with the dynamic realms of creativity and technology.

Having successfully held four impactful editions, DriveX Summit has not only created an indelible mark but has also solidified partnerships with various creative and tech communities. This interconnected network has burgeoned to encompass over 7,000+ adept professionals hailing from the Creative and Tech Ecosystem.

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Why Attend

Unparalleled Learning

Explore a diverse range of keynotes, panel sessions, & presentations delivered by industry experts and thought leaders.

Networking & Collaboration

Connect with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and influencers from across the creative and tech industries. 

Career Advancement

Whether you’re looking for a new job or seeking to advance in your current role, the summit provides an excellent platform to explore career opportunities. 

Be a Sponsor/exhibitor at a leading creative & tech summit